It’s All Gone Haywire! Ways of feeding hay from the ground.

We all know that there are many health benefits to feeding hay/haylage from the ground rather than from a hay net: it prevents neck, wither and jaw injuries, keeps dust out of eyes, allows for a more relaxed mental state, allows the sinuses and nasal passages to naturally drain better - to name a few.... Continue Reading →

British Eventing Membership EXPLAINED.

I don't know about you, but purchasing the correct memberships for British Eventing is very confusing and daunting, especially for a newcomer. As I'd love to get into it this year, I've been thoroughly researching all the different ridden membership types and I think I've finally cracked it. To put it all in one place,... Continue Reading →

Must-Have Winter Essentials

Nothing can spice up the dreaded winter season among us horse-folk like some new kit – there’s no judging here so let’s admit it, we just love new stuff. But equally as fulfilling is digging out all our winter attire that we’d stored away and completely forgotten we owned. The following clothing items I find... Continue Reading →

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