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Welcome to Equi-Kay! My name is Kiera and I have created this blog to share hints and advice for the more niche areas of horse-ownership and riding. I have a passion for equestrian style – for you and your steed, and I think it’s important to always look your best, even when casually mucking out a stable. If you look good, you feel good and this can have a huge benefit to your time with your horses. There are so many ways to look like a professional without breaking the bank, and the ways to do this I want to share!

Not only this, but I think it’s important to have a little motivation every once in a while to shake you out of a rut and fulfill the main purpose we have our horses, and that to get enjoyment! Shaking things up a bit and taking a different perspective can really help you to move along and get the best out of both your horse, and yourself – sometimes reading one little article can get you pumped and excited for riding again, and this is what I hope to achieve for my readers.

As for myself, I am currently at university but at a slight impass in my life – but combining my favourite things – horses and writing – I hope to spread a positive impact amongst the equestrian community and create a space of learning and creativity, with a little humour on the side. I, of course, do not claim to know everything (as one never does with horses!) but I do know something, and I look forward to sharing opinions and advice with you all.

Meet My Horses

My beloved equines will feature regularly on here, so I shall give you a formal introduction.



Yandaboo as he is referred to at dinner parties, is my competition steed and my main mount. He is a 16.2 10 year old andalusian who I have owned for four years now, and we have our sights firmly set of the prospects of eventing. Being a rather late developer, he has only really just grown up and we attended our first BE80 in September, in preparation for BE90 next year, and hopefully BE100 in 2019. He adores jumping, and I hear you say that Spanish horses are not your typical eventer… well as you can see he is rather overgrown for his breed, but this lends him to being far more of a sporty type. He has a character to die for, as, though a little nervous, he has a heart of pure gold.



Ahh Sparky, my little pet. Sparky was my first pony, whom I loaned when I was twelve. He is the apple of my eye, and adored by all who meet him. Sadly the lady whom I loaned Sparky from when I was younger passed away, and  left Sparky to me in her will. I have now owned him in my own right for six years, and he is still going strong. He is retired now as he is only 12.3 so would be rather squashed under me these days – however he would still enjoy the odd hack now and again. He is 23 years young, but does possess somewhat of a grumpy grandpa attitude at times, and it totally addicted to food of any sort.


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