British Eventing Membership EXPLAINED.

I don’t know about you, but purchasing the correct memberships for British Eventing is very confusing and daunting, especially for a newcomer. As I’d love to get into it this year, I’ve been thoroughly researching all the different ridden membership types and I think I’ve finally cracked it. To put it all in one place, I thought I’d write it all down here for anyone who needs a clear guide on how to do it! Not to mention to cement it in my own head…

BE Website:

FEI European Eventing Championships™ Young Riders Strzegom

  • Associate Registration 

The first thing you need to do to start off with, is to register on the BE website. This is the only part tht is actually FREE! (It all goes downhill from here however…). They call this an ‘associate membership’. This is where you will get a lifetime registration number. You’ll need this number when you want to enter any events. Just click on the Login/Register button on the top left corner, fill out the fields, then activate your account by clicking on the link in the email they send you (and make a not of your registration number). Easy!

  • Day Pass Membership

So, now that you’re an ‘associate member’ you can purchase a Day Pass Membership. This costs £10. The Day Pass Membership allows you to purchase 4 Day Passes and unlimited Training Passes for 1 year. (This can be renewed annually). You can purchase a Day Pass membership by clicking on the top left button saying “Welcome…insert name here…”. Then under the menu ‘My details’ on the left, click ‘purchase membership’. Then ‘Day Pass Membership’ and boom, there you go.

  • Day Passes

When you have your Day Pass Membership, you can buy up to four Day Passes. These will allow you to compete in BE competions at BE90, BE100, Novice or Intermediate Novice. You have to purchase a day pass for you, and a day pass for your horse in order to be able to enter. For some reason you can have only four passes, however your horse can have as many as he likes. Apparently the horses can go round by themselves too…?

But anyway, never fear! If you purchases yours and your horses day pass together, they cost £25 rather than £32 if you bought them in separate transactions. When you buy a day pass, it’s all digital. You get a unique code which is what you’ll type in when you enter an event. So have fun adding £25 onto the £80 entry fee each time…

  • Training Passes

The good news is you can have an unlimited number of these. The bad news? They’re £15 a time. So if you’d like to enter a BE80(T) event (i.e a training class where a BE instrucor is on site to aid you if you so wish), you’ll need a Training Pass rather than a Day Pass. Training Passes are also for entry to any BE training sessions…shocker.


  • Full Individual Membership

So, if you’re going to be a regular competitor with BE, it may be a better option to ignore everything I’ve just explained, and go for the full membership. This costs £135 for the first year…but oh not to worry! Only £120 p/a for each subsequent yearly renewal after that…

  • Horse Season Ticket

Haha! Oh? You thought that was it. Of course not! Pfft, you have to pay for your horse’s membership as well, not just you!!

So, now you’re a full member, you’re going to be needing a BE registered horse to compete on. (Unless you feel like running over the jumps yourself of course…)

Horse’s can have a full season ticket, or a half season ticket. Full Season is valid from January to December annually, and Half Season is valid from 1st July. The price is relative to the number of BE points your horse has; but assuming it does have any: Full costs £95 p/a , and Half is £69.

So REAL full membership is basically a grand total of £230… (why didn’t I stick to ballet…).

After sending in your horse’s passport details (which is always a palava for me becuase my horse was born in Spain), you get your ballot numbers.

On full season tickets, the horse is issued a ballot number per month, and two super ballot numbers per year. This means that if an event is full, you have priority when they start taking people off the sign-up list. Similarly, if you really want to go to an event that is often very popular, you can use one of your super ballot numbers which pretty much guarantees you entry. It sounds harsh but the day passes are taken off first, then mulitple entries, then full members and so on. But this only happens if the number of entries is overloaded by the ballot date.

Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event

So, sound easy? (and bloody expensive…?) Well, welcome to the world of eventing! Hopefully I’ve made things a little clearer if you’re totally mind boggled by it all, but you know what, I think it’s all worth it in the end.

For more information refer to the ‘How to’ section of the BE website.



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