Bootylicious: My Favourite Must-Have Riding Boots.

I don’t think I’m alone in my love of shoes – boots especially. So when it comes to riding attire, it’s safe to say that I love riding boots even more. All of the boots listed below are on my wishlist for some point in the future as they are all heavenly. I’ve tried to keep the price tag within reach though…

Boots with patent.

Just Togs Tresio Competition Boots (£99-£120)
Just Togs Tresio Competition Boot (£99-£120)

To begin, any boot with a touch of patent just adds class and glamour. They look amazing with white jods, and especially stand out in the dressage and show jumping arena. I prefer patent decor on a boot as opposed to a fully patent boot, as it doesn’t quite have the same tasteful effect when the whole thing is shiny. Less is more in this case.

Boots with a sheepskin lining. 

Brogini Forte Long Winter Boots (£70-£90)

Aside from being ultra cosy suring the winter months, sheepskin infused riding and yard boots look and feel the height of luxury. They add class and an ‘expensive look’ to any boot, and make you look and feel the part even when acompanying on foot or milling about on the yard. A definite desire.

Boots with laces all the way up.

Ariat Ladies Coniston H20 Country Boots – Charcoal (£280)

The ultimate design of a country boot in my opinion. Country boots with laces that go all the way to the top have a certain traditional rustic, rural quality that screams sophistication and style. They also have an elegence about them that, paired with knee-high socks, is just the embodiment of county-style. These may need a little saving up for though…

Boots with a high curve.

Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider Boots (£300)

You won’t want to be getting these dirty any time soon…a hefty price tag, but it’s without a doubt that the style of dress boot with an extra long curve on the outside of the knee is highly flattering and limb elongating. This type I would love to be able to wear as I hate having a gap between my knee and the top of the boot in photos. Though this extra-high look is aesthetically pleasing, jumpers can’t really get away with it with such short stirrups… but if your a dressage rider, go for it!

Boots that are grey.

Alberto Fasciani Custo Riding Boots (£265)

Not something you often stumble across, but grey boots are unique and refreshingly light in colour compared to the usual black or dark tan. For everyday riding as opposed to competition where tradition is rife, grey is a sophisticated and stylish option that is daringly different. Not to mention, this particular pair looks incredibly comfey.

Boots with a croc/snakeskin top. 

Blue Salentino Riding Boots with Bolgheri Blue Snakeskin (£260)

These creations are utterly to die for. Blue snaskeskin topped boots – perfection. Similarly croc style tops are extremely chic and high class. Not too bad a price for what they are either. You’ll be the envy of the show ground in these kickers.



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