Online Shopping: My 5 Favourite Equestrian Sites

In this age, doing our much-loved task of equestrian shopping online is the most effective way. You can compare prices, get a feel for what’s out there and select the item of your dreams from all the options available. There is such a vast array of equestrian products now, it can be hard to make a decision on what to actually get. I’ve decided to share my go-to online equestrian stores as these are, in my view, the best place to start. They are also rather fun to browse in your free time, especially the sales pages. I must admit, I have a slight addiction to designer brands when it comes to my riding and horses’ attire (but strangely I don’t have such a strong need for designer garments for ‘normal’ clothing). So, the websites that I’ve cultivated together all stand out for their stocking of the well-known brands (Pikeur, Montar, Horseware, Schockemohle, to name a few) as well as making them available at a good price – if you know where to look. So, without further ado…

Hope Valley Saddlery


Hope Valley is a fantastic online shop which provides a range of brands: from Shires and Mark Todd at the slightly cheaper end, to the likes of Cavallo and Kingsland at the upper end of the price range. Although saying that, the sale page is often a treasure trove for finding a great price for even the most expensive brands. This website does sell all things horse, however I most frequently use it for human clothing. They do some wonderful horse attire as well of course; however I think human garments are where it excels. I find that the sales page is especially good if you are looking for a great value pair of breeches that’s below the standard designer price. The best deals are often in awkward sizings, however if you keep your eye on it there are some fabulous offers on some even more fabulous items. What I also like about this website, is that it seems to stock the same brands in all categories, so it is easy to find an exactly matching outfit for you and your horse if you so desired. Plus, there’s a free returns policy and delivery is reliable, which is always reassuring. Definitely a must-visit.

Premier Equine


Premier Equine is a totally unique make that is different from all others. I think it is safe to say that once you buy a Premier Equine turnout rug, you never go back. Rugs and boots are this website’s speciality. Both of my horses are in Premier Equine rugs, and they don’t need another! It is perfect for the minimalist horse owner, as they don’t leek, they keep the horse so well covered and they dry quickly as well so no need even to have a spare for torrential days. I use liners to adjust the thickness and it works like a dream. They don’t have to be Premier Equine liners either, I use Horseware ones that I had from my Rambo that I used to use, but now I have to say I vouch for PE instead! Also the elasticated neck is a fantastic feature, as it stops it from sagging and leaving half your horse’s mane totally weathered and gross. Their boots, as well, are wonderful. Expensive – but worth the price. I have the PE Air-Cooled Original Eventing Boots and they are just perfect. So lightweight and breathable and they look very professional. They are also very easy to clean, which is a bonus when you get back exhausted from a weekend of competing. They also came in a gorgeous box, which I now keep them in as I couldn’t stomach getting rid of it.

The only disappointing thing about PE, is their colour choices. They are perfect if you like a slightly more eccentric colour scheme, but the numnahs in particular, are grey with red sheepskin for example, or blue with yellow sheepskin; and I just find that this wouldn’t match anything other than the PE clothing range. I am most disappointed because I had my heart set on a grey numnah with grey sheepskin about a year ago, and I was told that they had now changed the sheepskin to red! If you know of another grey numnah with matching sheepskin then do let me know…



Horze, (though can sound slightly rude on pronunciation) is a great website for everyday items. I would rely on this website for getting a new bucket, headcollar or something like that which doesn’t need to be too expensive. I feel like you can rely on Horze to provide these items at a both good quality and price. Although I should not discredit their horse wear and clothing, and their own-make Horze brand is actually very different and individual. Most notable are their riding tights, which are rather expensive, but lovely nevertheless. Plus, their selection of saddle pads is nothing less than exquisite. While stocking the traditional Le-Mieux and Roma pads, their Horze collection is absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen patterns like it – paisley, demask, metallic – just beautiful. This is the website to find your dream numnah for sure.

Aztec Diamond


This little gem I discovered on Instagram. They have a smaller selection of items, but you needn’t have any more as the garments they’ve designed are simply beautiful. They are very much geared towards the rider, but with saddle pads and matching fly veils as well. Their riding tights are incredible value at only £35! I also love their comfy wear, tracksuit bottoms and tops which would be perfect for both lazing about in and to wear to your pilates class. I must add, you can’t go on the website without taking a peek at the limited-edition collection, you will not be disappointed! Especially if you like rose gold. Not to mention the owner, Jordan McCabe, is only 22!



Ride-away is great for anything and everything. For me, it stands out for tack and footwear. Their collection of boots is divine, and caters for any price range. This is the website I would choose for a new bridle, bit or other accessories. They stock the Rambo Micklem bridle as well if anyone’s looking – this is where I bought mine. They also have amazing deals on clothing. I bought my most beloved pair of Montar breeches on there in the perfect size for about £30 less than anywhere else! A generally great and reliable website, stocking all the best brands, if not as in as much depth as Hope Valley, yet always one to check if you’re on the hunt for a specific thing.

Now, I know I said 5 websites in the title… but I just couldn’t resist adding one more. Though there are many great web stores that I love, I’ve struggled, yet managed, to narrow it down to six. So here’s the last one that I couldn’t go without mentioning.

Bonus: Saddles Direct


As is obvious from the title, this is where to go to get your next saddle. This website was such a great idea it is my first stop when on the hunt for a saddle. So, what you do is select the saddle you’d like and order it for a trial. For £22.50 you can have up to two saddles for a 3-day trial, which is plenty of time to arrange for your saddle fitter to come out if you need. Then, if you want to give one or more of the saddles back, all you do is ring to let them know and someone will come and collect them from your door! Simple, right? Plus, they stock other tack related products as well so you can get everything in one place. This a very secure system which allows you to try saddles without worrying that you’d be stuck with it if you bought it outright from eBay or somewhere like that. They do new and used saddles, so accommodate a variety of price ranges. This is how I bought my Olney Jump Saddle for only £300. I ordered two to trial and easily sent the other back as it wasn’t the right fit. You must, without a doubt, give it a go.

Okay, so there you have it. My six most recommended websites where your materialistic wishes will undoubtedly be granted. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and that you have equally positive experience with your guaranteed purchases. Happy shopping!

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